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Booking your taxi with us in 2019

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Booking your taxi with us in 2019

Many people daily notice taxis on the road but seldom think of taking one themselves. If you fit this description, perhaps it is time to consider bringing taxis into your life. From school runs to airport transfers and everything in between, A Taxis of Lincoln offer services to streamline your routine. You simply book, and we tend to the rest.

Before contacting us, however, it is important to gather all pertinent information to facilitate the booking process.

Airport Transfers

A Taxis of Lincoln offer taxi bookings for airport departures and arrivals, with a discount for utilizing both services. To schedule for departures, you will need to supply your flight time. We will pick you up at least two hours beforehand, at which point you can simplify drop-off by providing your flight number and terminal information. For return flights, book with your flight number and the time you expect to land. A Taxis will track your flight, allow for the procedures necessary to your leaving the airport, and pick you up accordingly.

Besides these details, we also need information regarding luggage quantity, passenger numbers, and whether the passengers include young children or people with disabilities.

Service for the Disabled

If you have a disability, be sure to inform us when booking. Our drivers, who have extensive training in caring for handicapped passengers, will arrive with properly equipped vehicles. After loading wheelchairs using ramps, they will secure them with restraint straps and then assist passengers to belt in securely. From pick-up to drop-off, drivers will ensure a safe and comfortable experience.

School Runs

Should you wish regular transportation to and from school, book a school run. We will meet with you to discuss logistical details and to gather registration and emergency information. Because we seek to provide your child with maximum comfort and security, you should also inform us of any special needs or disabilities.

Minibus Hire

For large parties, you may prefer to hire a minibus. Information regarding the number of passengers, the date you need service, and the time you wish us to meet you will affect your reservation. As always, if you require wheelchair access, notify us so we can provide proper accommodation.

Contacting A Taxis of Lincoln

To book, simply call or email us. You can also reach us through the forms on our website. Whichever method you choose, we suggest that you schedule well in advance of your need. A Taxis is eager to relieve your transportation stress and free you for what matters most.

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