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Alighting from the plane once you’ve landed isn’t the end of your holiday travel

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April 3, 2019
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April 8, 2019

Alighting from the plane once you’ve landed isn’t the end of your holiday travel

Remember that alighting from the plane once you’ve landed isn’t the end of your holiday travel – you’ll need to arrange transport from the airport to the resort or hotel you’ll be staying at. Transfers are pre-arranged transport facilities which take you from the airport to your accommodation and there are a number of different factors to consider before making your choice.


What time is your flight due to land into the airport? Generally speaking, if you’re going to arrive at the airport late at night, it may be easier to organise transfers before travelling in order to make the journey as easy as possible when everyone is tired. Similarly, if you know you have a long flight or a lengthy journey after you land, pre-booking travel arrangements will make the last leg of your journey much less stressful.

Arriving at a peak commuting time may make finding transport more difficult and may increase the length of your journey – and in the case of train or taxi travel, may be more expensive than pre-booked transport. In contrast, if you know you’re certain to arrive at a quiet time, you may find you can strike a good deal without pre-booking.


If you’re working to a strict budget, sorting your transfers out before you travel can reduce your costs. Pre-booking often results in receiving the best discounts and provides the added certainty of knowing exactly how much your transport will cost – you can often pay for your transfers as part of your holiday too.


Pre-booking your transfers doesn’t allow for a great deal of flexibility for those of you looking for a bit of adventure, however, the coach usually leaves at a set time, meaning that if you’re looking to take a detour through arrivals you’re likely to lose your seat!

Also, if you’re looking for an authentic experience of the country you’re visiting, a pre-booked transfer may leave you feeling like you’re missing out – so if you want to experience the outrageous local taxi drivers or see the infamous rail links, booking your transfers from home may not be for you.


While most airport transfers comprise of an air conditioned vehicles from the arrivals car park to your hotel lobby, some airlines offer super-luxurious airport transfers whilst other airlines also offer luxury transfers for their business and first class passengers.

Car Hire and Private Hire

If you want to have complete autonomy over your travel, why not think about organising car hire for your trip? Not only will this allow you to make your own way from the airport to your accommodation, you will also be able to explore the area in your own time – perfect for those who want the freedom to explore and the ability to plan their own excursions!

Organising transfers from the airport to your holiday resort or hotel can make the end of your journey much less stressful – especially if you’re travelling long distances or with children. They’re not necessary for everyone, however, you may find you can haggle a brilliant deal with a local taxi driver and get some good tips about the area! Whatever you choose, ensure you know that name and location of your hotel, and make sure you have all necessary paperwork with you before you travel.

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