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The best way to meet your Airport taxi driver

October 1, 2019
Safety Tips for Taxi Drivers
October 2, 2019

The best way to meet your Airport taxi driver

The question that we get many times is “how do I find my airport taxi driver?”, this information is sent to you via email at the point of booking your airport taxi transfer. But as many customers do not choose to look at all of the information when it arrives we thought it best to write about the airport taxi driver and what he does before he meets you in the airport.

Stage 1. The airport taxi booking.

The customer enters their information and makes the booking online.  Once made the information is held in a date and time format and not looked at until we are due to dispatch it to the airport taxi driver. So if your information has been given incorrectly by you, we will not be aware. Common mistakes are; wrong dates, times and flight information which are not seen until a few hours before.

Stage 2. The airport taxi transfer has been sent to a driver.

When we send out the bookings to the taxi drivers they may receive information about more than 5 journeys in a row. We will have worked out the times and distances using the information given by the person that made the booking. This is why the correct information about your airport taxi is important.

Stage 3. The driver checks the flight given for the airport taxi pickup.

Based on the information given, the taxi driver will then check the flight landing time, after the flight has landed most drivers will send a text/SMS to the number given.

Stage 4. The airport taxi driver will go to the airport.

At around 30 minutes after landing the taxi driver will park and go into the arrivals hall where he will wait with the name given on a signboard.

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