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The Early Bird Gets The Worm: The Benefits of Booking Early

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March 22, 2019
How Hiring an Airport Transfer Can Benefit You During your Trips
March 25, 2019

The Early Bird Gets The Worm: The Benefits of Booking Early

When it comes to travel, everyone knows that booking early is key to getting the best deal. From hotels to flights, wise travellers book well in advance to reap the rewards of booking early.

Leaving it until the last minute

When hotels and scheduled flights approach capacity, prices begin to climb as demand increases – especially during peak seasons like the summer holidays. As seats are taken up and demand runs high, airlines and hotels stop releasing discounted rates – moving up to their full fares.

With holidays and travel options being booked up to a year in advance, leaving your travel plans to the last minute could leave you facing a hefty fee or even unable to travel due to lack of availability.

The benefits of booking early

With such great travel savings to be made, why stop at your flights and accommodation? Booking early gives you peace of mind, allowing you to know that everything is taken care of and all you have to do is relax and enjoy the journey.

In fact, the benefits of booking early don’t just stop at hotels and airfares. Did you know you could save by booking your airport transfers early? Whether you’re travelling to or from the airport, or making a connection – time is of the essence. By booking a taxi last minute, you’re risking problems like availability and traffic resulting in delays. Unlike many taxi companies, we offer a discount on advanced bookings, giving you even more reason to get your travel planned early. Get a taxi quote on your airport transfers.

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