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Why you should prebook your minicab…

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August 29, 2019
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September 25, 2019

Why you should prebook your minicab…

Minicabs are a man/womans best friend we think. The number of times you have stumbled out of a bar and need to get home. Who you gonna call? Minicabs! (Sorry about the ghost busters reference). On such occasions calling a minicab is fine but we highly recommend you prebook for airport transfer, business meetings, weddings the list goes on.

As we minicab company we always honour the booking and make sure a car is available on the booking date and time. By law your expect to pre-book in fairness calling us 5 minutes before you leave your house is technically a booking. But we mean books day or even weeks before.
Advantages of prebooking your minicab?
1. We will make sure a car is waiting for at your address
2. The price is always fixed and we confirm this with you by text
3. We confirm details such as driver name, car type and number plate
4. Your booking is prioritised over a any ad hoc booking.

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